Mercedes Benz Bus & Setra

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Mercedes Benz / Setra Home Page. See below various topics on these vehicles. Click on the ECU name for associated fault codes also(coming soon).

Fault Codes

How-to Guides

Technical Data

System breakdown

Engine Systems

See below links for technical Details & belt Layouts.

Braking Systems

  • EBS - Electronic Brake System. Commonly known as ABS.
  • RS - Retarder

Transmission Systems

  • AGS - ZF 12 Speed Automatic Manual Transmission
  • GS - ZF 6 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • GS - Mercedes EPS3 - 8 Speed Powershift GS2 Transmission
  • TCM - MB GO250-8 MPS - 8 Speed Powershift Transmission often found in Euro 6 models

Other Systems

  • HLK - Climate Control
  • NR - Suspension

DPF System

DPF regeneration function must only be disabled when there is a current danger caused by hot exhaust gasses such as parking on dry grass or other combustible materials. Excessive running of engine with function turned off will block the DPF filters.

Function does not reset after ignition off. It must be turned back on manually.

Amber warning on button means system has been deactivated.